Thinking of Selling Your Home? So Were These Sellers from All Across the U.S.!

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Selling a home is one of the most important decisions a homeowner can make. Not only can the process become emotional, but it can be difficult to navigate if you don’t have expert help. Tara-Nicholle Nelson from HGTV said it best when she noted, “Selling a home can put you on an emotional roller coaster. At the top you feel excited and proud that your place looks the best it ever has and relieved when it finally sells. At the bottom, though, you might be disappointed at the offers that come in or even desperate when you don’t get any offers at all. What if the buyer’s deal falls through? Now, that’s a potential freak-out moment!” 

Here’s the good news, if you were thinking of selling your home, we are here to help you through the entire process, and you certainly aren’t alone. IDEAL AGENT® was designed to make the home selling process easy! We created IDEAL AGENT® and the SMART SELLER™ System to provide our clients with a better home selling experience, at a fair commission, that gets them to the closing table maximizing their profits. In fact, we’ve helped thousands of home sellers get top dollar for their home and save big on real estate commissions with our SMART SELLER™ System. The IDEAL AGENT® you are matched with is in the top 1% of agents in your local area. Our typical agent has over 14 years of experience, closes 100-300 transactions a year, and has a 5-star rating. They’re committed professionals at the top of their game who take the time to listen and understand your needs. They’re not people who do real estate part-time or as a hobby. You can count on our agents to guide you from thinking of selling your home, to the actual selling process even during the unexpected. 

While thinking of selling your home, you may be asking if we have agents all over the US, or if we would have an agent knowledgeable in your area. Simply put, yes, we have agents in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. There’s no denying that every state is unique and requires expert knowledge in your specific area. It also goes without saying that one of the most important steps to sell your home is finding a local and knowledgeable agent that will work with you and help you get top dollar at the closing table. 

With that said, we could talk about our agents for days, but who better to hear about selling with the help of our agents than our clients. We thought we would share a collection of reviews from sellers just like you from all over the United States! Notice your state below? 

  • Bryan from Georgia: “My agent did a fantastic job. Having been a broker myself for over thirty years I appreciated her tenacity, professionalism and experience. Thanks very much.”
  • Joe from California: “The service from my agent and her real estate team was excellent from beginning to end. I received top dollar for my home thank to them. Also thank you to my Client Concierge for connecting me with my agent and her team, well done.”
  • Justin for Illinois:IDEAL AGENT® and their agents are the best out there. They referred me to the top agent in my area and from the very start of the listing to them putting a sold sign in the yard, it wasn’t long at all, everyone was great. When they say they only use the top 1% of the realtors in your area they really mean it. Thanks again to my agent and the rest of their team, couldn’t be any happier.”
  • Jan from Florida: “We had an awesome experience selling our home of 25 years. Our real estate agent handled every aspect of the transaction with professionalism. Issues that came up were handled quickly and resolved with little or no impact. The transaction was seamless from our perspective. It was nice to have a very experienced real estate agent to sell our house for top dollar. I would recommend IDEAL AGENT® to friends and family.”
  • Robert from Missouri: “My agent and her staff were fantastic in getting my house sold! Can’t speak highly enough about her and her closing manager. I would highly recommend IDEAL AGENT® to anyone who is looking to sell their home!”
  • David from Tennessee: “My agent was a joy to work with. A buyer made an offer the day after the house was listed. My agent was always on time and is highly professional. I would recommend her and IDEAL AGENT® to anyone looking to sell a home.”
  • Sedric from Kentucky: “My Client Concierge was friendly and helpful. He sent a referral out to an agent in my local market in Louisville, KY. The agents were friendly, helpful and extremely knowledgeable about what I was trying to do. Within weeks of listing, we had our property under contract and sold. I couldn’t be more thrilled with IDEAL AGENT®. I will be using their services again!”
  • Wallis from North Carolina: “My agent is an excellent agent. Our rental property was sold in record time. My agent even represented us as POA at the closing because we were traveling. He is resourceful with an army of handymen, gardeners, and HVAC folks ready to deploy at his command. Highly recommended!”
  • Steven from Pennsylvania: “We had a very good experience with IDEAL AGENT®. They connected us with an experienced agent in our area. The agent researched sales in our area to help us price and sell our home expeditiously. I would recommend IDEAL AGENT®.”
  • Ronnie from Texas: “Our realtor was very professional and knowledgeable regarding our market. Listened to what our real estate goals were & developed a comprehensive plan for the sale. Once on the market, the first showing produced a full price offer and sale. Saved $10,000 on the transaction. Our IDEAL AGENT® Client Concierge followed up on the listing during the process. We are very satisfied & pleased using IDEAL AGENT®.
  • Michael from Indiana: “Awesome experience! Our agent sold the house in seven days for $6000 more than the asking price. He was always available for questions and very helpful coordinating work on the house. We will definitely use IDEAL AGENT® again.”
  • Mark from Oregon: “I don’t usually use a seller’s agent, but this time I needed one. IDEAL AGENT® found my agent, who was on top of his game. We moved away before selling, then my agent found us a buyer, but the inspection found some deal killer problems with the house and the buyers wanted to walk. Our agent pulled the deal back together, finding multiple contractors for repairs and upgrades, and we closed on time to buy our new house in another state. We were thrilled that the deal was saved, and that IDEAL AGENT® found us a hard-working agent who earned his fee.”
  • Cynthia from Wisconsin: “Our IDEAL AGENT® was fantastic. VERY AMAZING experience with her and her office team. We “interviewed” 3 different agents before we chose our IDEAL AGENT®. She was the only agent who did what she said she would do, and did it when she said she was going to do it. She did a spreadsheet for our virtual meeting and presented all our offers. She explained each one thoroughly and we made an informed choice. She communicated every showing to us and walked us through this process very intelligently and patiently. We are so HAPPY we had her and her team helping us. I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone.”
  • Kathy from Nevada: “I have bought and sold five homes. IDEAL AGENT® was by far my best experience. Our agent was on top of everything. His office handled everything with ease. They had quick responses to questions and were helpful with all aspects of the sale. I would highly recommend them and for sure will use them again.”
  • Rose from New York: “Our agent was knowledgeable and helpful. He made the selling process easier than we expected. We would recommend him and IDEAL AGENT® to anyone looking for an agent.”
  • Michelle from Washington: “Very positive experience! They kept me on track and guided me each step of the way. I loved how we were able to come together on a few last-minute decisions… which I easily agreed to because I trusted them, and in the end, they were right, each step of the way. Highly recommend IDEAL AGENT®. It led me to the right people to help sell our house and saved us some money while getting top dollar for our home!”
  • Kevin in Maryland: “My entire experience with IDEAL AGENT® was outstanding. I knew as soon as I sat down and talked with him about selling my townhome, I knew I was in good hands. He returned texts and emails promptly and was always on top of things in regards to signing documents, etc… My sale went so smoothly because every detail was taken care and checked by my agent.”
  • Julie from Nebraska: “My agent was excellent! I would definitely recommend him. He had great ideas and helped us sell our home fast.”
  • Stan from Ohio: “My IDEAL AGENT® was excellent at selling our home…would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to buy or sell their home!”
  • Reginald from Oklahoma: “I want to take this opportunity to commend my IDEAL AGENT® for her tireless commitment and timely communication to guide me through the process of selling my home. I had sold 2 properties previously using a regular agent and the experience and attention was exactly the same. IDEAL AGENT® had a person dedicated to only communicating with clients and keeping them updated and current in the process. I appreciate the whole experience I received from my agent and her sales team.”
  • Marguerite from Arizona: “The entire process could not have been any better. Starting with the initial phone call I placed with my Client Concierge at IDEAL AGENT®.  Spoke to my agent right after that and she came over shortly after our initial call, then the open house, and then a few offers. Then all of the paperwork was done and signed, and I moved. Thank you everyone for being so professional and knowledgeable! I will keep you all in mind on my next purchase.”
  • Johnathon from South Carolina: “Anyone knows when they are treated with respect. It is a big deal, selling and buying a house. It is one of the biggest things in one’s life most people will ever do. I got lucky working with my agent. Two other agents came to my house in a 10-day period. No vibe. I could not commit. Brad came in cool and today is still cool. IDEAL AGENT® has incredible agents on their team. I wish you and your team continued success.”
  • Ernest from Michigan: “My agent did a great job, very good to work with, I will recommend in the future!” 
  • Juan from Massachusetts: “Excellent work by my agent, very understanding about our concerns and highly professional, thanks IDEAL AGENT®!!” 
  • John from New Jersey: “Great way to save money and still get great service from your real estate agent. Our agent was great and got us more than we thought we could get with our house. I would highly recommend IDEAL AGENT® over all others! 
  • Mike from Virginia: “My agent and his staff did an outstanding job from start to finish. We got the price we were hoping for, and our property sold very quickly. We couldn’t be happier. Our agent and his staff did an excellent job communicating with us every step of the way.”
  • Melissa from Minnesota: “Quick service, good service, quick sell, kind and helpful agent.”
  • Ann from Iowa: “We had a very good experience with IDEAL AGENT®. Our agent did an excellent job. He was very responsive, easy to work with and did everything necessary to get our house listed within a few days. We moved out of town, and he found us a contractor to do some requested repairs and a move out cleaner for us. I would highly recommend him to future home sellers.”

Pretty awesome, huh? We certainly think so! Oftentimes reading what others have to say can inspire you to go from thinking of selling your home to actually picking up the phone and reaching out to an agent. Call or chat with us now so we can learn more about your home selling needs. We can’t wait to introduce you to your IDEAL AGENT®!

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