How to Host the Ultimate Holiday Movie Night at Home! #2

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Are you looking for festive ways to celebrate the holidays with friends and family while staying out of the cold? Dinner parties and cookie exchanges can be fun but what about hosting the ultimate holiday movie night at home? Pick your favorite films and send out your invites, this is your guide to hosting the ultimate holiday movie night at home! Here’s what you’ll need:

Holiday PJ Attire

Does it get any more festive than holiday pajamas? A movie night at home during the holidays is the perfect time to ask your guests to wear their most festive pj’s! You could even have a vote for best pj’s, and the winner goes home with hot cocoa or cookie mix!

Snack Station

You can’t host the ultimate movie night at home without an epic snack station. Set up a designated buffet-style table where your guests can build their own bag of goodies before the movie starts. As far as snacks go, popcorn is a must, HGTV suggests that you “Swap the artificial butter for fun new flavors, like peanut butter caramel and bacon-cheddar.” Maybe even some sweet caramel apple popcorn? Several grocery stores sell unique premade popcorn flavors, but you can also find recipes to make at home. Next up is candy, set out bowls of assorted candies your guests can either mix with their popcorn, like a movie-themed trail mix, or eat separately. To add an extra special touch, you can get themed goodie bags, from cute Christmas trees to snowflakes printed on each bag, the festive options are endless!

Signature Drink Bar

From some fresh apple cider or hot chocolate for the kids to a signature drink for the adults, adding a drink bar makes your movie night at home all the more special. HGTV says,For the adults at your gathering, a signature cocktail is a must.” They go on to describe a drink called “The Grinch” that includes champaign, ginger ale, bitters, and mint. A quick holiday drink search on Pinterest is sure to provide plenty of awesome drink recipes you could offer to your guests. Tip: make sure all the drinks are labeled so guests know which ones to grab or pour!

Keep Things Cozy

Make sure to have plenty of blankets and pillows around for guests to use while watching the movie. HGTV suggests that you “Let guests cozy up during movie time. Place baskets of throws around the room, and deck out the sofa with comfy throw pillows. Need extra seating? Large floor pillows give some guests soft front-row seats.”

Holiday Bingo

Add an extra element of fun to your night by playing holiday bingo! HGTV suggests, “Keep guests engaged with a holiday movie bingo. Decide when to start, what movie(s) will be playing during, the rules, and prizes before the party. When guests have their beverages and snacks and are ready to play, hand them handmade holiday movie-themed bingo cards, designate a judge and begin playing! Regular bingo rules apply: The first guest to cross off items straight across or diagonally wins a prize (or just glory!).” Just like the pj’s prize, winners can win hot cocoa mix, cookie mix, or even a holiday blanket or candle.
Feeling inspired? There’s nothing more wonderful than a sense of cozy and warm during the holiday season, especially when you are invited or host the ultimate holiday movie night. Start gathering your guest list and getting your movie choices squared away! We can’t wait to hear how you made your home the perfect place to celebrate the season!

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