Do I Need a Listing Agent to Sell My Home?

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The market is hot, eager buyers are purchasing homes faster than they can be listed, so do you even need a listing agent to help sell your home? While you may be tempted to believe that going it alone would be a breeze, you may find yourself in a difficult predicament wishing you had reached out to the experts. When it comes to selling your home for top dollar, making sure that you have the right strategy from the onset is key. More often than not, when you opt for a For Sale by Owner scenario you will miss out on a sale price that could have been higher, not to mention the ease of navigation because you have a professional guiding you throughout the process.

Listing Price

For starters, when you are considering the listing price of your home you may think you can list a bit higher since say your neighbor sold for $20,000 or maybe $70,000 more than the asking price, but that would be a rookie mistake. While it’s true that homes are selling quickly and many a buyer is entering into bidding wars, a large swath of top-dollar buyers who are willing to pay the optimal price for your home would be off-put by this initial augmented listing price without a realistic initial ask. When you work with a top listing agent aka your Ideal Agent to sell your home, they will help you set the right listing price reflective of the value of your home by compiling a Comparative Market Analysis. Your agent has the insights needed like, “up-to-date information on what is happening in your local market, as well as the financing, terms and conditions of competing properties” which is essential to selling your place for the best price. Before determining the official listing price, your Ideal Agent would also be able to recommend any repairs that you could make that would have a return on investment. Your listing agent knows what home features are selling for top dollar and what you need to fix to optimize the sale of your home.

Marketing, Professional Photography & More

Once a price has been determined, your agent will help you navigate and negotiate the offers and ultimate selling price as buyers start rolling in but what about the stuff before that? Part of this due diligence is marketing your property to get in view of those top-dollar buyers. From hiring a photographer to take professional photographs of your home, to listing it on the MLS, your agent will help you determine the most effective way to market your property. Interestingly, another perk of working with a top agent was recently mentioned in a REALTOR article that stated, “National Association of Realtors studies show that 82 percent of real estate sales are the result of agent contacts from previous clients, referrals, friends, family, and personal contacts.” Top agents are connected in ways that an average homeowner may not be, which has perpetually played a key role in top-dollar home sales.

Making the Process Safer

Have you given any thought to the security measures an agent takes when they show your home? Having strangers walk through your space can be a little scary at times but agents can usually provide a buyer prescreening as well as chaperone a buyer throughout your property. This may provide some peace of mind during a time that can feel stressful.

Most importantly, a top listing agent will negotiate, monitor, renegotiate (if need be), and assist in the closing of your home to ensure that you get the highest price possible. They will be your right-hand man when those bidding wars start. Taking advantage of a hot market for a seller is a great idea, taking on a hot market with the help of your Ideal Agent is an even better idea!

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