Benefits of Using a Realtor vs Selling Your Home on Your Own

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For Sale By Owner: You’ve probably seen this phrase on real estate listings, and it might seem quite appealing at first glance. Skipping agent commissions and having full control over the selling process sounds great, right? But there’s more to it. Selling your home without an agent can actually reduce the number of potential buyers who see your property, delay the sale, and even expose you to scams or legal issues. Let’s chat about why you may want to rethink listing your house for sale by owner, and how choosing the right agent can drastically improve your selling experience. 

Common Myths About FSBO 

Let’s start by addressing some of the most common myths about listing your home for sale by owner vs realtor or agent-assisted sales. You may read many of these online when searching for “how to sell a house without a realtor or agent,” but they’re often misleading.  

Myth #1: You’ll Make More Money 

Can you sell a house without a realtor or agent? Sure, but you likely won’t make as much.This is a big one – in 2021, homes sold by agents went for an average of $58,000 more than homes for sale by owners! Real estate agents are well-versed in the market and know the sweet spot for your home to earn its maximum potential value. 

Myth #2: Listing Your Home FSBO is Free 

While you may be saving money on real estate commissions, selling a house without a realtor or agent also means losing out on the services they provide. You’ll need to invest in quality photos, staging materials, signage, flyers, and more. So if you’re wondering “Do I need a listing agent,” it’s important to factor in the time and effort it takes to list the home itself.  

Myth #3: Contracts are Simple

Sure, there may be templates online for real estate contracts. But every home is different, and using the wrong contract for your sale could open you up to major liability issues. Real estate agents are trained on contracts, and many have special insurance that can mitigate any mistakes. Some agents even work with contract lawyers. 

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Perks of Working With an Agent 

 Now that you know what can go wrong, let’s talk about what can go right when you work with a real estate professional! From peace of mind to extra time back in your day, the benefits of a great agent are undeniable. 

Maximize Profits 

What if we told you working with an agent could earn you 26% more for your home? It’s true! Homes listed with agents can go for up to 26% more than for sale by owner houses. And with commissions as low as 2%, working with a real estate pro from IDEAL AGENT® offers you a great return on your investment. 

Save Time 

There’s a reason “real estate agent” is a full time job. Listing a home on your own can quickly take over your life between showings, phone calls, and paperwork. An agent can save you time and stress by handling all the details and communications on your behalf. 

Get More Views 

Real estate agents are marketing experts, and most have already built impressive networks. They can create eye-catching listings through real estate websites like the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)  and promote your home to their other social media followers. The more eyes you reach, the more quickly your home will sell (and the more competitive the offers will be). 

Negotiate Better 

Negotiations can be a battle – especially with no one to act as a buffer between buyer and seller. Luckily, real estate agents are excellent negotiators. They’re more objective about your home, and they’ll provide all parties with unbiased guidance to reach the best price. 

Trust the Experts 

All real estate agents must be licensed, so you can trust whatever agent you choose has a wealth of knowledge. And if experience is a must, many agents have been in their field for decades. Their background in property values, pricing, marketing, negotiation, and legal issues is incredibly valuable to the selling process. 


When you’re comparing FSBO vs real estate agent options, working with an agent is almost always a better bet than listing your home on your own. But you don’t want to work with just any agent. With increasing agent commissions leading to lawsuits and more, you want an agent you can trust has your best interest in mind – not just when it comes to your home, but your bank account too. 

Real estate commissions have risen as high as 8% in recent years, but IDEAL AGENT® works with top agents nationwide to guarantee commissions as low as 2%. When you work with one of our trusted agents, you know they have your best interest in mind. They’ll simplify the process and ensure you’re not leaving valuable equity behind. Ready to get connected? Find your agent today. 

FAQs About For Sale by Owner vs. Realtor or Agent

It’s almost always beneficial to use a realtor or agent to sell your home. You can make up to 26% more from your home sale, not to mention save hours of time and effort, by working with a real estate professional.  

Local agents offer a level of knowledge and expertise you may not find in someone outside your community. IDEAL AGENT can pair you with the top local agents in your area to sell your home with ease — and for as low as 2% commission.  

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